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Our Story

Ryder and Juni
Ryder and Nana
Ryder autism dog cookies

Hi my name is Ryder and I love to make and sell all natural dog cookies. I first started to bake dog cookies at home with my Nana, to give to my support dog Tommy and to my customers on my paper route. When my school announced the “Bring a Student to Work Program” in 2021, I was given an opportunity to bake my cookies at a local pet bakery in Chilliwack. I continued to work on my skills and Tommy’s Choice Dog Cookies became a reality. I named my business after my support dog Tommy! I love dogs and I now sponsor the training of support dogs through BC and Alberta Guide Dogs. Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I appreciate the close connection I have with my dog Tommy and I want to help people with varying abilities experience this same special connection and support. The funds I donate help with the costs of raising and training support dogs like Juniper. Thank you for supporting me!

My Friends!

Paul and Juniper

Juniper is the first dog I got to sponsor with my cookies. Juniper is the main reason I started making cookies, to help raise money for a very good cause. My donations helped me to support the training of this special dog. It takes 18 months to raise a support dog. Once they are old enough, they give the dog advanced training in the field they are best suited for. This can be either a seeing eye dog, an autism support dog or a PTSD support dog. Juniper is now in her forever home with Paul. I know she will be a perfect companion for him. 

Team Ryder

As much as I like to make cookies, this job is getting harder for just me and my grandparents. We reached out to Chilliwack Society for Community Living to see if anyone there might be interested in helping me make dog cookies. There were some interested people who were more than willing to take on the job. The training and skills developed in making the cookies were a perfect fit! Thanks to them we have been able to raise even more donations for BC & Alberta Guide Dogs while helping to employ some great new friends. The like to say we are "Team Ryder" and we enjoyed time together at the Chilliwack Christmas Market selling the cookies.

Ryder at convention

Tommy's Choice Dog Cookies was invited to take part in the 2nd World Supported Employment Conference in Vancouver on June 8, 2023. We were in the Entrepreneurs Market Place. We had the opportunity to meet delegates from all over the world! Most were from other Canadian provinces. I got to show what Tommy's Choice Dog Cookies was all about, plus I received important information on how to grow my business. 


Tommy's Choice Dog Cookies teamed up with BC & Alberta Guide Dogs right from the start. When I first started making my cookies, a family friend suggested I choose a charity to support. Given that my two most favourite things are baking and dogs, this was a perfect choice. Bill Thorton, the CEO has also supported me by attending my first ever event at the Veterinary Clinic open house in Harrison Hot Springs. He even came and baked cookies with me. BC & Alberta Guide Dogs includes me in their 'meet and greet the puppies' event every year, and I always make sure I have a nice cheque for them to help support this amazing cause! 

Ryder autism

I am excited to announce to you that Pacific Autism will be selling Tommy's Choice Dog Cookies in thier newly upgraded gift store at 3688 Cessna Drive in Richmond BC! The gift store sells and supports other entrepeneurs on the spectrum and I look forward to being a part of this business venture. Did you know that Pacific Autism also has a new cafe located in the arrival area of the Vancouver International Airport? They support the training and employment of persons with autism. Drop by and say hello if you are traveling. I have a goal to someday get on an airplane and fly somewhere. 

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